Monday, 13 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !!!! It's just 9 days till Christmas and i can't wait - i feel like an excited child and talking of excited children while i was shopping in Truro this weekend i bumped into a freind who had her 6 year old son with her, i knelt down to speak to him 'what would you like Santa to bring you' i enquired..... he looked thoughtful, glanced at his Mum, then put his finger to his lips and said 'a sellotape dispenser' !!!! I stared at him, glanced up at his mother then back to the child and repeated his words 'a sellotape dispenser'.. 'yes' he said excitedly, his eyes spakling with delight and the biggest smile on his face. Such innocence...driving home later that afternoon if made me think of all my childhood memories of the Christmas's i had spent with my parents and grandparents, they were the happiest times of my life.

Merry Christmas everyone XXXXXXX

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Still Single !

Hello :o)

I'm still single (giggles)..... we met at Asda as it was a focal point for both of us, and we sat there in the cafe for 3 hours, it must have been the most boring date i've ever had. I'm not being unkind but all he could talk about was his ex and his children.... so its ok to talk about your children at a first date but your ex ?! and at one point i was almost noddin off to sleep. Oh well what is it they say, nothing ventured nothing gained ;o) I am giving up the dating game.....well for a little while (she giggles).

Just checked my Euro Millions lottery ticket as i just read on AOL that is been won by someone in Britain and they have not put their claim in yet - 132 million, i wish, i wish, i wish......... no its not me :o( So it doesn't look as if i will be buying my Italian Villa this week.

I am off to babysit my flatemate's grandchildren this evening, i'm told they will be tucked up in bed, i hope so as i am not very good at getting children to bed, rather than face tantrums and tears i let them stay up ....heheee...... hopefully all will be quiet and i will be able to watch X Factor, drink coffee and eat cake - fab !

Speaky soon :o)

Friday, 8 October 2010

Its the weekend !


I feel in the mood for a bit of 'blogging' so here i am ! You will notice the pic on my header has changed - this new pic was taken by me when the tide was out and looking back towards land - notice the little 'engine houses' these are old mine workings, i have a fascination with them which i must tell you about before too long. Anyway i digress :O) I think its about time my blogg had some interior design so i shall be playing around with it and making some changes to its look. So don't worry if you see strange things going on ..... well not to strange i hope (giggles to herself).

Its been a fantastic summer here at The Cove, and boy have i had some adventures, some of which i shall tell you all about - others, well i think its best i remain tight lipped ..... heheee.

This being a single girl household, lots of dating going on - flat mate and i are still looking for Mr Right ! Both of us on dating websites and oh my goodness what fun we are having, tho i do have some moments of 'what the hell am i doing' ....(gigglin) This morning i have a 'coffee date' with a nice chap who lives along the coast a bit from me, originally from London - he sounds very nice on the phone. Will let you know how it goes. ~Right i am off to put my best bling on .... heheee..

Speaky later X

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cross my palm with silver .....ok a ten pound note then!

Hello :o)

Jus had to come on here to tell you all how silly i was today......i was robbed.....yep, i said a

I was parking my car at the side of the road when a lady (the gypsy) knocked on my window, i hadn't even got the hand brake on....thinking she was going to tell me something important like you have a flat tyre, i opened the car door, she caught hold of my hand and said 'i have something important to tell you, he will be alright', i was a bit amazed and Kevin came to mind as he has just suffered a suspected heart attack (more of that later) i did try and interject at this point by saying i had no money......'just a little' she said, 'i don't have any change' i told her 'i have plenty change' she said and carried on reading my palm. She told me there were two men in my life, one wanted to be my friend the other my lover (i think we know which one you are Kevin - oops, thinking out loud....hehee) she told me to take things 'slowly' and enjoy it, there will be much happiness. She then went on to say i would be going to a wedding soon - i am on Saturday ! She also spoke of my mother, not completely accurately, she also said i was very happy where i was living and to not let anyone old or sick move in - bit of a weird thing to say i thought. She also said and this is what brought me down to earth ........'you are going to win $80,000 (i'm using Sandra's mac and cannot find pound sign) in August......well i am telling you if i do not win i am gonna track her down and ********* lol.... she even said that when i win our paths will cross again and i will give her 200 pounds......what !!!

She then gave me two sea shells, one for good health and one for happiness. She then said for 100 pounds she would make a lifetime wish come true......i couldn't believe it, she was asking me for 100 pounds, i told her i did not have that much money, and she said 'you do, in the bank' i asked her ' which bank, because i don't know of it' said 'ok lady, 60 pounds'..... 'no, i don't have that much money' i said again. I opened my purse and took out a ten pound note, as i had nothing smaller, she took it straight out of my hand, i was waiting for change and she wished me good luck and was gone!

So the moral of this story is if you want sea shells, go to the beach ! I've got to get tougher and stop all this silly nonsense of thinking i will get bad luck if i say no to these gypsies.

Speaky soon :o)

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I finally have my outfit for the wedding and i'm afraid its 'pink' a nice dusky pink, not to bright! I did have a hat, but it does not match my new outfit so have to look for a new hat tomorrow when i pop into Truro. I'm really excited, i can't wait, my Mum's three sisters are all coming to the wedding. Tristan was the first grandchild to be born, so he is special to everyone. Its just such a shame that Mum will not be there to see him get wed. I know she will be looking down on us all, but it will be a day of mixed emotions - i've already had several little cries, daftie that i am .....i hate being so emotional at times.

This has been my last day at work. Tomorrow i am having my nails done and then my hair, it will be a nice relaxing pampering day. I'm hoping to do a bit of clothes shopping too as after the wedding i am off to stay with a much loved and dear friend of mine, we used to work together many moons ago. She lives in Somerset and has a hot fab is that ?!?!? We plan to go shopping in Bath for the day and do all sorts of things. I can't wait, it will be soooooo exciting.....hehee.

My flatemate persuaded me to look at a computer dating site, and tho i wasn't to keen i'm glad i did because i have met a very nice local lad (have to be careful what i write cos he has asked to read my blog - should i let him?) Our first date was dinner at the Blue, it was a wild windy evening, the Blue was very busy as usual but we found a nice little tucked away table outside in a sheltered spot. The waves were magnificent, big and white, Kevin remarked how they looked like a winter sea. We had a fabulous evening, the spark was there from the start (which really surprised me), we chatted and giggled, held hands and was lovely. He asked if he could see me again the following night and i readily agreed, but so soon i said, then he explained that he was off to sea on the Friday, a fishing trip lasting around 12 days. I will probably not see him now until i return from Somerset - wow, can't wait.

I've started to do the Atkins diet and am pleased to say the pounds are falling off me...hehee....... i want to loose some weight so that i can have my knees replaced next year. The consultant said i need to loose some, i'm feeling totally focused and have started my swimming again too.....tho i suspect its the draw of the jucuzzi for me really.....its sooooo relaxing and i love it !

I'll be back soon with tales of the wedding and hopefully a pic or two.
Speaky soon :o)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I have nothing to wear...

Hello :o)

Tristan's wedding draws closer and i still have not found anything i like. The whole of last weekend was spent shopping, trying on that's nice but not really what i'm looking for.....ooooo i like that but do you have it in my is the one ......nope, does not look right on me.....i'm tired and exhausted, well i was until i walked into the shoe department, wow, lots of lovely shoes, i instantly loved the black high heels, was paying the assistant when she casually said, i've bought a pair of these, nicer than the PINK ones.... i didn't see pink i i have two pairs, one in pink and one in black....hehee.....well a girlie has got to have nice shoes to wear under her jeans!! and just as i was leaving i spotted another pair, the flip floppy shoe with the ankle bit, in a nice minky suede.... luv em :o) So i have shoes and i have a hat but nothing else.....hmmmm....being arrested comes to mind now

Speaky soon :o)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Its raining in my car ...

Hello :o)

Poor Miss Latte has been back in the garage......... a leaky roof, yet again, how many times can you take a new car back to the garage with the same problem. To be honest i am so fed up with it now i just feel like putting up with it. I asked that nice chap 'Mat', will Nissan take her back as the problem still remains unrectified......he looked astonished at my question. 'I doubt it very much' he said 'look, all convertibles leak even merc's and BMW's'..... now i looked astonished.....'well i used to own a 15 year old Mazda MX5 soft top, and her roof never leaked' he just looked at me, i felt i had to justify my statement, so put my hand over my heart and said 'honest'. He smiled at me and said 'leave it with us we'll see what we can do'. As i drove away from the garage i made a promise to myself, if they don't fix the leaky roof i am not going to complain anymore, i shall put a towell on the seat to soak up the water and live with it.

The next day i collected Miss Latte, 'we've fixed her, this little bung hole was blocked and the water was backing up and being forced back into the car', i was told.
Hmmm..... we'll see - jus waiting for rain now.

Speaky soon :o)

Friday, 25 June 2010

Its that Friday feeling ....

Hello :o)

today my friday feeling has been one of 'manicness' if there is such a word. Its been hot in the office and working in Customer Services for the Council means lots and lots of phone calls and today has been soooooo busy......... i think everyone in Cornwall must have been on the beach all week and then suddenly thought 'i must call the council today as i've been putting it off all week'....and wow did the phone calls come rolling in. I feel exhausted.......but still able to have a little giggle, so many people are cross and angry when they ring the council but then so many are nice and don't want to put you to any trouble. So yipeeeee the weekend is here.

My flatemate emailed me to say we are having a bar-b-q on the beach this evening.......this is my favourite pastime now ......hers too i think, hehee...... we are planning to have another one on Sunday after the football - yes, it's round to The Cove for footie and a beer followed by a barbie on the beach. Life is fab at The Cove - and as we say here 'we're in the groove'. tee hee.

Thank you for you messages and text's concerning my broken heart - i have felt quite fed up and down about the 'split' its thrown up a lot of emotions and feelings. I will no doubt get over it, life goes on but i have come to the conclusion that its hard work being in love. I'm now back on the shelf and am staying there for a good while yet........ possibly forever :o)
Last monday was the summer solstice and once i have downloaded all my photo's i shall post my little adventure on here with pics for you to have a giggle at.
Have a lovely weekend and speaky soon :o)
PS How did that pic get on there.....tee hee

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Firstly i want to say how very sad it was to hear of Jane's passing. So many tributes have been paid to her, she was so many things to so many people. To me she was a lovely blogger, so interesting to read, she made me laugh and cry. She wrote about her life with such zest you were always left wanting to know more. - God bless you Jane you were a brilliant blogger.

Auntie Pat had a wonderful birthday, thank you to all of you that sent her good wishes. I had a lovely week with her.

I have also been very busy commuting back and forth to stay with Stu in Manchester. Flying rather than driving, and it feels quite a luxurious way to travel i might say. I will definately be getting myself a small jet when i win the lottery.......(giggles)......i actually won the office bonus ball lottery this weekend.......£22..... it will go in my shoe fund .......(giggles).

Stu and i are over, i want to say many things but this is not the place for me to do it. All i will say is that i thought he was the 'one'. My hopes are shattered, i feel let down and disappointed. Does this mean my 'fish' is still swimming out there somewhere in the sea?

Well it looks as if summer has arrived - it is scorching hot here in Cornwall. And when i say its arrived and that the fact it was the Summer Solstice yesterday, so now the nights start to draw in ......eeek !! And yes i did celebrate the Solstice and i shall tell you all about that tomorrow.

Speaky soon :o)

Monday, 10 May 2010

Happy 80th Birthday

Hello :o)

I am in Birmingham. Its my Auntie Pat's birthday tomorrow, she will be 80. She is not to happy at the thought of being 80 years old, 'how can someone be that old' she asked me earlier today as we were talking about all the years that have passed. But what a wonderful long and happy life you've had - it doesn't take much to get me to start the reminscing - and its true she has had a happy life. I'm not saying its all been easy, because it hasn't, but considering all factors it has been happy. She has been married to the same man she met when she was 16 years old, had two sons and has worked hard all her life. Family are very important to her and have always come first. I remember as a child when she and my uncle and cousins would come to stay with us during the summer holidays the fun we would have. She loved her sisters children as if they were her own, and as we have grown up and had children of our own, she has always remembered thier birthdays too. Auntie Pat has always been such fun to be with and she still is today, she may be a bit slower, she may have a few more wrinkles on her face but she is just as much fun. Tomorrow is going to be a lovely day, full of laughter, happy faces, smiles, lots of good wishes, people dropping by to wish her Happy Birthday - i can't wait for the party to start !

Speaky soon :o)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hello :o)

Well whoever said 'love never runs smoothly' knew what they were talking about as Stu and i have made up.....yay! I love being 'luved up' ;o) Thanks for your advice and comments guys you were my Marge Proops when i needed you :o)

Life at The Cove is fab, flatmate and i are like 50 year old teenagers......hehee....... on reflection life is pretty good just now, if only i could get my knees sorted out and it would be perfect!

The weekend starts with a gathering of friends down at Blue on a friday evening, we are hoping this will turn into barbies on the beach once the warmer weather gets here. But as it is we can sit outside Blue until about 7.30pm when it starts to get chilly........Cornwall's north coast has some spectacular sunsets and i hope to be showing you some of them 'here' very soon.

Speaky soon :o)

Thursday, 15 April 2010


I miss him, i feel empty and quiet, i don't want to laugh, i want to sit and cry, i'm hurting. 

  I can't ever remember feeling this way over a man.  

 I keep  thinking over what happened ..... it was something and nothing....... should i contact him, tell him i love him, that i want him........but if he really loves me won't he call me and tell me that ?!   Are we both being stubborn. 

  We've had little tiffs over his issues before and i have always been the one to make up afterwards, to tell him i love him, to tell him how wonderful he is and that i would never hurt him.   If i call him now, it will always be my role to be peace maker, and as much as i love him i don't know that i can do that.

I hate feeling like this.......... it hurts.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hello :o)

I have to tell you all how i feel....... hurt, let down, bruised, betrayed, hurt and more hurt..... just when i thought my life was going somewhere, that it had meaning again, i was so happy ...... i should have realised that real happiness and me don't go together. (woe .... Stuart came into my life bringing with him all the happiness my heart could hold, it was wonderful, i loved him and every time we met i fell a little bit more in love with him. This was the man i wanted to spend the rest of my life my silly moments i even tried his surname on for size..... Mrs Jayne B........ it sounded wonderful.

Now all that happiness has burst.........gone...........all the things he said to me, whispered in my ear during tender moments........the way he made me giggle, his kisses, his impromptu little gifts, his silly jokes......all gone...........

Its over, things have been said and there is no going back. Another chapter of life closed.

Speaky soon X

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hello :o)

I have moved...... again ! I was all nice and snug in my little pad by the sea and then a friend persuaded me to share with her and so we have moved into a lovely flat with sea views and yes i have the room with the en suite - it feels like i am staying in a hotel every night ....(giggles). I am sure life is going to be so much fun now and i hate to think of the adventures we will get up to.

Stuart surprised me with an impromtu visit this weekend.........well we just had to be 'together' for our first real Valentines day didn't we. Saturday evening there was a knock on the door, Sandra got up to see who it was, 'i hope its not for me' i said 'i'm too shattered to go out'......few seconds later Sandra says 'it is for you'.......'who' ? 'go and see' she said. Standing at the door was Stuart with a huge red heart shaped balloon and a Teddy just as huge ...... i love him so much (giggles)..... we had a fabulous weekend and there were tears at departure time on Monday evening.

Speaky soon :o)

Monday, 11 January 2010


Hello :o)

I cannot believe we are at the start of yet another decade. What makes the years go so fast ? I retire in the year 2022 and that is scarily not that far away. My mind wanders to that year and tries to imagine what i will look like, how physically fit will i be and what will my financial status be?

I want a good retirement, whatever i am able to afford i want it to be fun. Its all just twelve years away ...... oh my goodness, twelve years. I am more than halfway thru my mortality is getting closer. I think of the generations of family above me that have all passed on including my parents and life feels so short, i also think of time past and how much of it i have wasted or frittered away and how i thought there was plenty of time, but there is never plenty of time, i realise this now i am older.

What do you believe in ? i believe there is another life after this one, and hopefully several more after that one. I just cannot believe we go thru this life experiencing so much for there not to be something at the end of it - it would be so pointless. De ja Vue ? flashbacks of a previous life, your brain trying to tell you something about your previous life or maybe even a future life. I don't know, it hurts to much to think about it (laughs).

Life is exciting, every day is exciting, not knowing what the day has in store for you is exciting, i feel happy and full of hope every day - ok, so some days this feeling hides itself, but its never far from the surface. It feels good to be alive and i feel lucky to have a roof over my head, a job and some money in my purse, to have good friends who care. Friendships are so important, and you have to nurture, encourage and show love to make them grow. I wish i lived nearer to all my brothers, i miss them and think of them and when we were kids, how close we were, how we liked to play and how our parents encouraged us to love each other. That feels like a lifetime ago - and now my brothers have children of their own, and those children are just reaching the age of 30 who have children of their own - life repeating itself.

So here i am, my 53rd Birthday just months away from me. Some people have complied a tick list of what they wish to achieve by the time they are 50. I have no such list, i guess i could write one, 'Things i wish to have done by the time i am 60' ........ Hmmmm.... i've always wanted to see the sunrise at Stonehenge, i'd like to go to 'Glastonbury Fest', even to see the Great Wall of China would be fab and i guess if i put my mind to it i could come up with lots of weird and wonderful things, but the truth is i do not have a passion or a fire inside me that drives me to achieve these things. I am contented. I have never really been driven to strive for anything or felt such passion to achieve. I do have a passion for friends and family and life, this passion was shown to me by my parents, i've never stepped outside the box to expect more, i have always known what was obtainable and to be happy with this. Does that sound too simple ? Life is not complicated and i like the saying 'life is what you make it' it is exactly that. We are in control, i am in control, this is my life it will be whatever i choose it to be within the realms of realism.

2010 has two new beginnings for me. I have fallen deeply in love with Stuart. We met about 8 years ago, we became friends, i never imagined then that i would love him this much. My other new beginning is another move, but only up the road, another new home which i will be sharing with my friend Sandra. She says we will be like the 'golden girls' (giggling) this has just got to be experienced to be believed (giggles). I am looking forward to the year ahead, it will be whatever i choose it to be.

Speaky soon :o)