Sunday, 16 August 2009

Beach talk...

Hello :o)
I had quite a hectic week last week, Monday evening was spent at home, Tuesday i worked late, Wednesday Lynne came round - we sipped read wine and chatted, oh and she read my Tarot cards......Hmmmm....Thursday i threw a little birthday party for a friend - drank far to much and got to bed by 3am ! Friday was out celebrating Sandra's birthday, yesterday was spent recovering from the week .......Hmmm shouldn't that be the weekend....*giggles*.
So this morning i was up with the lark and down on the beach at 7.30am. Life here at The Cove is jus wonderful, i think i am a Mermaid at heart, if i could jus find Mr Mermaid that really would make my life complete....*sigh*.. So, when i got to my car this morning this beautiful Moth was resting on the bonnet..

Is'nt he/she lovely, i'm sure i had a dress in that colour and design once - it looks so familiar ;o)
It was so good to be on the beach early, mind you there were one or two people about, the chaps with their metal detectors (they always seem to be there when the tide has jus gone out) and of course the surfers..

I was on the far side of the beach to take that and had to zoom right in on them, this is the view looking the other way..

As the beach here is a Cove its only when the tide is right out that you can walk out of the cove and see these huge cliff faces, and as you can see in this photo the beach stretches for about 3 miles to the next cove. I have promised myself that once i get my new knees this is a walk that i intend to do. So with the tide out this morning i took the opportunity to explore between some of the larger rocks, it was brilliant - lots of rock pools with little fishes swimming around in them the hour i spent there on the beach jus whizzed by..... here are a few photo's.

It's jus fascinating looking at the rocks, wish i knew a little more about geology, look at the picture on the left above......see that line running horizontally thru the big rock, that line is a completely different type of rock ......i find it amazing. And all the mussells living on the rock and the shells in the picture on the right have barnacles growing on them, it looks like sand does'nt it - well its not and at high tide all these rocks are completely submerged. It was amazing walking between all these rocks, it was like being in another world. It makes you feel great to be alive :o)

This next picture i thought was a great view - looking back into the Cove.

I started to walk back up the beach and as i went i picked up lots of little pebbles that i wanted for the patio, i picked up quite a few the bag got heavier and heavier, some were not so little.....

And this is what i did with some of them......

Speaky soon :o)