Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hello :o)

Well whoever said 'love never runs smoothly' knew what they were talking about as Stu and i have made up.....yay! I love being 'luved up' ;o) Thanks for your advice and comments guys you were my Marge Proops when i needed you :o)

Life at The Cove is fab, flatmate and i are like 50 year old teenagers......hehee....... on reflection life is pretty good just now, if only i could get my knees sorted out and it would be perfect!

The weekend starts with a gathering of friends down at Blue on a friday evening, we are hoping this will turn into barbies on the beach once the warmer weather gets here. But as it is we can sit outside Blue until about 7.30pm when it starts to get chilly........Cornwall's north coast has some spectacular sunsets and i hope to be showing you some of them 'here' very soon.

Speaky soon :o)

Thursday, 15 April 2010


I miss him, i feel empty and quiet, i don't want to laugh, i want to sit and cry, i'm hurting. 

  I can't ever remember feeling this way over a man.  

 I keep  thinking over what happened ..... it was something and nothing....... should i contact him, tell him i love him, that i want him........but if he really loves me won't he call me and tell me that ?!   Are we both being stubborn. 

  We've had little tiffs over his issues before and i have always been the one to make up afterwards, to tell him i love him, to tell him how wonderful he is and that i would never hurt him.   If i call him now, it will always be my role to be peace maker, and as much as i love him i don't know that i can do that.

I hate feeling like this.......... it hurts.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hello :o)

I have to tell you all how i feel....... hurt, let down, bruised, betrayed, hurt and more hurt..... just when i thought my life was going somewhere, that it had meaning again, i was so happy ...... i should have realised that real happiness and me don't go together. (woe .... Stuart came into my life bringing with him all the happiness my heart could hold, it was wonderful, i loved him and every time we met i fell a little bit more in love with him. This was the man i wanted to spend the rest of my life my silly moments i even tried his surname on for size..... Mrs Jayne B........ it sounded wonderful.

Now all that happiness has burst.........gone...........all the things he said to me, whispered in my ear during tender moments........the way he made me giggle, his kisses, his impromptu little gifts, his silly jokes......all gone...........

Its over, things have been said and there is no going back. Another chapter of life closed.

Speaky soon X