Sunday, 26 July 2009

I promise to do better .....but then i don't make promises ;o)


I was jus saying the other day to a fellow blogger that i don't seem to make so many entries as i used to. JLand was so much better, or was it.....change.....its supposed to be good for us. I'm going to try and make more entries - i miss our little community.

So, whats new? well its raining....ugh! June started off so well, Anne my step mum came and stayed with me for two weeks and ok so we had some rain but nothing like this, all i can do is look thru the window onto my little patio, the bedraggled plants struggling to look beautiful as the wind blows them around and the rain drenches them. Please Mr Sunshine come back.....and stay for a while :o) can we all practise happy sunny smiles - it just might bring him back!

I noticed last weekend my toes have wrinkles on them - and no i had not jus got out of the bath.....hehee.....I've noticed since i hit 50 everything is changing .....scary huh? but wrinkles on your toes, whats that all about ? so does this mean i now have to rub my anti wrinkle cream into my toes as well as my face ......hehee.......

I'm off out for sunday lunch with my brother and sister in law later, its a smashing little pub, it has lots of mining memorabilia on the walls - i don't know what it is about Cornish mining but i as so intrigued about it and now that i am living in a 'mining valley' i must do some research to find out more about it - perhaps that will be a project for the winter months.

Speaky soon :o)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Hello :o)

Where does the time go ? there does not seem enough time to do all the things i want to do

My eldest brother Michael rang me this evening to tell me he is being presented with a medal by the Duchess of Cornwall this coming Friday in Portsmouth. It will be for his services during the war in Afghanistan. Michael is in his early fifties, lives with his family in Germany and works for a civilian welfare company for the armed forces, this time last year he was packing his bags ready for a three month posting. I was somewhat shocked to learn of his posting, a man of his age, a civilian, being sent to a country at war. I tried to imagine how i would feel if someone told me i had to travel thousands of miles away from home to defend my country. Panic.......yes i think i would have feelings of panic, afterall like my brother i am not a soldier, i have not been trained in combat or ever said i wish to defend my country. So ok, his job does involve him in the welfare of servicemen, but that is in his own country where it is safe.

I am very proud of him and i am glad he is being recognised for his services while in Afghanistan as all serving soldiers are. Well done Mike, i'm sure this has been an experience you will never forget.

Speaky soon :o)