Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hello :o)

I have moved...... again ! I was all nice and snug in my little pad by the sea and then a friend persuaded me to share with her and so we have moved into a lovely flat with sea views and yes i have the room with the en suite - it feels like i am staying in a hotel every night ....(giggles). I am sure life is going to be so much fun now and i hate to think of the adventures we will get up to.

Stuart surprised me with an impromtu visit this weekend.........well we just had to be 'together' for our first real Valentines day didn't we. Saturday evening there was a knock on the door, Sandra got up to see who it was, 'i hope its not for me' i said 'i'm too shattered to go out'......few seconds later Sandra says 'it is for you'.......'who' ? 'go and see' she said. Standing at the door was Stuart with a huge red heart shaped balloon and a Teddy just as huge ...... i love him so much (giggles)..... we had a fabulous weekend and there were tears at departure time on Monday evening.

Speaky soon :o)