Saturday, 23 May 2009


Hello :o)

This morning i wanted to have a nice long lie in - i woke at 7am on the dot, the sun was streaming in thru the window, i pulled the duvet up over me and snuggled down, i made a little comforting moaning sound as if to send myself back to was quiet, i could just hear the sound of the sea in the distance and just as i was falling back into slumber i jumped out of bed and headed for the loo....... yep, i needed to do a wee !! LOL....... typical isn't it, so that was it then, i was up and awake.

Its been a lovely morning, i've done my housework and unpacked another box, just have three more to go ! I have some washing drying outside on the patio and i am off to the hairdressers in a while to get my hair cut. Then gonna pop to Ally's to collect my tomato plants and have a cuppa n chat, afterwards will pop in to my brother's and take him some free range fresh eggs that i buy from a small holding jus near me - Mmmm fresh farm eggs, can't beat em !

Hope your havin a good day too.
Speaky soon X

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Helloooooooo :o)

I'm here...... all moved in at Porthtowan and its fab, fab, fab - i can feel my mermaids tail growing, its sooooooo good to be living by the sea again. The last time i lived by the sea was during my childhood and i have so many happy memories of that and now i am ready to make more seaside memories :o)

Moving day went very well, friends arrived at 9am and i was all moved into my new place by lunchtime ! We had a Champagne lunch to celebrate my Birthday and the Move ... yay ! I have received lots of 'new home' cards and if you sent me one i hope i have remembered to thank you. We all went down to my new 'local' for a meal in the evening and then back to mine to finish off the champers .....hehee. And now i am so settled in i feel as if i have been here forever.

Speaky soon X