Friday, 27 March 2009

I do like to be beside the seaside

Hello :o)
I am almost packed am so shattered its unbeliveable. Tomorrow is the big move and its my birthday, i have lots of friends helping with the move and lots that jus want to pop in have a nosey and a drinkie or two .... he he heee.......i dread to think how the day is going to go, my next entry may have to be one of many photo's to show you the organised chaos !!

Speaky soon ;o)

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hello :o)

Its been so long since my last post - i have been busy down sizing and packing and doing car boot sales to get rid of my excess and believe me there has been lots of it! De cluttering does make you feel good, but something tells me i have not de cluttered enough! I am so sentimental i just cannot bring myself to throw away things that have so many memories.

When Tristan was little my Mum brought him a 'Bambi' (stuffed toy) i guess he was about 2 years old at the time, Tris that is not Bambi !! Well Tris is nearly 30 now and when my brother brought down all the boxes stored in the roof there she was....... 'Judy' (thats what Tris named her ... aahhh!) all carefully wrapped up, i thought like all girls she needed a pamper and so put her in the washing machine ....... no, nothing awful happened, honestly you lot are awful ....he heee! she is all nice and fluffy and smells wonderful :o) I have her sitting on one of my dining room chairs. Tris called in to see me today and as soon as he saw her he said 'don't throw Judy out or sell her at a car boot'. I didn't tell him i had no intention of getting rid of her, she holds far to many happy memories.

Just one more week to go and i will then be in my little flat by the sea - i'm so excited, the week will just fly by i am sure.

Speaky soon :o)