Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Firstly i want to say how very sad it was to hear of Jane's passing. So many tributes have been paid to her, she was so many things to so many people. To me she was a lovely blogger, so interesting to read, she made me laugh and cry. She wrote about her life with such zest you were always left wanting to know more. - God bless you Jane you were a brilliant blogger.

Auntie Pat had a wonderful birthday, thank you to all of you that sent her good wishes. I had a lovely week with her.

I have also been very busy commuting back and forth to stay with Stu in Manchester. Flying rather than driving, and it feels quite a luxurious way to travel i might say. I will definately be getting myself a small jet when i win the lottery.......(giggles)......i actually won the office bonus ball lottery this weekend.......£22..... it will go in my shoe fund .......(giggles).

Stu and i are over, i want to say many things but this is not the place for me to do it. All i will say is that i thought he was the 'one'. My hopes are shattered, i feel let down and disappointed. Does this mean my 'fish' is still swimming out there somewhere in the sea?

Well it looks as if summer has arrived - it is scorching hot here in Cornwall. And when i say its arrived and that the fact it was the Summer Solstice yesterday, so now the nights start to draw in ......eeek !! And yes i did celebrate the Solstice and i shall tell you all about that tomorrow.

Speaky soon :o)


Andy said...

Sorry to hear about Stu. if you want to chat feel free to contact me. After winning the bonus ball I hope you are going to find that seagull and apologise for all the nasty things you said to it on Saturday!

Andy xxx

Jan said...

So sorry to hear you and Stu are over ,Yes we are going to miss dear Jane alot ,so pleased you had such a good time with Aunty Pat ,yes the summer soltice yesterday ,soon be Christmas grr Bet your glad I mentioned that ...lol ...love Jan xx

mortonlake said...

im sending you a message on aol rather than commenting hun. im sorry ok??love you jaynee,always here if you need me love morty xx

Lucy said...

That happens and yes their are other people out there and someday you will find the right one.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Jaynee I am so sorry you and Stu ~ are over ~ but he was not the one for you ~ your Prince Charming is still looking for you ~ and I am sure he will find you soon :o) ~ Ally x

Connie said...

So sorry it did not work out for you do not give up on men! There is someone out there just waiting for you. Just caught up with your blog. Have not made an entry for ages but I am back again now!