Friday, 20 February 2009


Hello :o)

I'm so excited........ feeling happy, happy, happy...........jumping up and down, singing out loud and laughing, and all at the same time !! I'm the seaside, yep i am, i am gonna live right beside the sea........well, just down the road from it. Isn't that fantastic news? I can't believe it ...... someone pinch me ....... OUCH! who pinched me you can see its sent me barmy ;o)

About a month ago i saw on the 'intranet' at work someone advertising a one bed flat, few mins from the beach in a lovely location on the North Coast. Mum and I had once looked at a property in this very village, it was too small for us. Then some time later we had our names down to buy a new home that was being built, after waiting two years the company withdrew as the local council seemed to put every objection possible in their path. So you see this little coastal village seems to have some 'pull' over me. A couple of weeks after seeing the advert, i wondered if it was still available and thought i would go and view it just because i could !

Stepping into the Kitchen come dining room i knew i had to live there. I could see myself standing in the kitchen cooking, chatting away to friends as i cooked their dinner! It was totally fabulous and my heart said 'its yours Jaynee, its yours' ! I don't have a sea view from any of my windows, but once i step outside the front door you can see down the road across the beach and the sea. It has a lovley community feel about it, and the local community all get together to organise all kinds of things........they even have a knitting circle however it is known as a 'surfie' resort, so plenty of eye candy for me when i am sitting on the beach (which will be every evening after work !!)

I have a moving date....... 28th March (my birthday - wow, what a birthday present!)

This little flat is smaller than the bungalow i am presently living in and i have to now downsize. The de cluttering starts oh what fun!

Speaky soon :o)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hello :o)
Like many of you i also had snow recently, well not jus me in particular but the whole of the South West ! This is Miss Latte shivering in the cold, she's never seen snow before !

And the little pots outside my front door look like they have had white roofs built during the night!

I like this one of the fence, kinda looks a bit 'arty' !!
This is the how the snow looked out of my lounge window ....

Then i went to work (well they had to send a Landrover out to get me, as it was far to dangerous for Miss Latte) ;o) and this is how it looked out of the office window.
Look, thats my parking space - yes it is, the little sign says so ......he hee!
The A30 looking towards Truro. A few minutes after taking this it started to snow again and it was blizzard conditions............ it was !!
Look how blue and cloudless the sky is and yet later that evening it snowed and snowed.

And this is my favourite snowy picture cos it has an Engine House in it, and i love Engine Houses!!
Speaky soon :o)

Sunday, 1 February 2009

16 or 51

Hello :o)

It's the first of February, so where did January go ?! What a lovely weekend its been, i had Dan for the day yesterday, i had instructions to take him shopping as he wanted to buy his Mummy a birthday present - so we hit Truro and the shops, we had a fabulous time, giggling and laughing, being naughty and laughing even more - isn't it funny how children can reduce you to such sillyness and make you feel so young. I jus love having him, he is a joy. We went to the flicks in the afternoon to see 'The Tale of Despereaux' a lovely film about a little mouse who was not afraid. We sat in the dark, goggle eyed and eating a huge bag of popcorn !

Today is bitter cold, the weatherman has forcast a cold week, my friend in Kent texted me today to say they have snow..... brrrrrr........don't think it will make it this far south.

I haven't heard from my brother Michael since he called me a couple of weeks ago. I have emailed him with no response, Tristan tells me tho that when there is a death they close down all the internet connections, to stop people contacting the press and vice versa, and there have been a couple of deaths of soldiers in Afghanistan recently so maybe thats why i've had no email reply. I am sure he is ok. I must put pen to paper to him tomorrow.

I watched Neil Young in concert on the telly this evening - it was fab, it brought back so many memories of 1973 or thereabouts........... i was in love with John (or so i thought !!) he drove a VW Beatle, he played Neil Young all the time, one of my first introductions to music. We would drive around in his car with Crosby, Still, Nash and Young playing, singing along, drinking cider, smoking the odd spliff, life was fabulous..... well it is when your young and carefree. Many evenings were spent on the beach or at the 'Queens' our local disco - its not there now, it was pulled down a few years or so, retirement flats stand in its place. Its funny how listening to those songs this evening brought back so many memories, nice happy times - how can you be 16 one minute and 51 the next ?

I still feel like that young girl of 16, i am still that young girl. Listening to the music this evening felt like all the years in between never happened........... i'm still easy going and carefree, no worries, still dream with my head in the clouds and still love to laugh. And at 16 i used to dream of being in love and meeting the man of my dreams................. i'm still wondering what it must be thats not true, i know what it must be like, i just wonder if it will ever happen to me - i certainly have'nt lost my curiosity for romance thats for sure.

I'm smiling - i feel happy, hope you do too.
Nite nite xx