Friday, 31 October 2008

Hello :o)

Spooooooooky Woooooooo........ its Halloween and i'm home alone .... woooooooo....... i've not had any trick or treaters, i'm not surprised as i live at the very end of the row and its dark down here.... spooooooooky ....... hehehee........ so it looks as if i shall have to eat all these nice treats myself ......heheee ;o) At work we decorated our desks with little pumpkin thingies and bats and spiders, glow in the dark skeletons (didn't stay late tho to see em glow !) and people brought in spooky cakes to eat and little chocie treats - yum! and one or two even dressed up or wore spooky masks...... it was such a giggle. I wish i had got a few of the girlies together to do something this evening now, as i was driving home i heard a 'medium' saying she was investigating a haunted pub - wow, that would have been fun. So note to self for next year ....'lets get spooky' :o)

You may notice as you visit me that my blog changes, the decoraters are still in !!
I have jus added a pic but instead of it being half way down the page it seems to have gone straight to the top - hmmm, will it stay there tho when i publish this entry, who knows will be a surprise ......(giggles)......... so Miss Latte is back, i collected her today from the garage, she has been there for the past three weeks..... yes i did say 3. Her roof has been leaking, it's jus all been to traumatic for me, so i'd rather not go into detail .....(giggles)......oh i do like a bit of drama ;o) when i collected her this evening the nice service manager, Matt, kindly tuned her into my bluetooth mobile....... so now when i am driving along and you call me, i jus press a little button on the steering wheel and we have direct speech contact ........ how fab is that ? very fab i think :o) can't wait to try it out !
Speaky soon X

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Hello :o)

How exciting it all is, i jus got the keys to my new 'Blog' and although i'm not ready to move in i thought i would jus pin this note to the front door to let you all know i made it to the 'other side' and i'll soon be inviting you all in for coffee and a read !

Speaky soon
Big Luv - Jaynee X
PS i see 9 of you made it here before me, how mad is that ?!!!!