Monday, 10 May 2010

Happy 80th Birthday

Hello :o)

I am in Birmingham. Its my Auntie Pat's birthday tomorrow, she will be 80. She is not to happy at the thought of being 80 years old, 'how can someone be that old' she asked me earlier today as we were talking about all the years that have passed. But what a wonderful long and happy life you've had - it doesn't take much to get me to start the reminscing - and its true she has had a happy life. I'm not saying its all been easy, because it hasn't, but considering all factors it has been happy. She has been married to the same man she met when she was 16 years old, had two sons and has worked hard all her life. Family are very important to her and have always come first. I remember as a child when she and my uncle and cousins would come to stay with us during the summer holidays the fun we would have. She loved her sisters children as if they were her own, and as we have grown up and had children of our own, she has always remembered thier birthdays too. Auntie Pat has always been such fun to be with and she still is today, she may be a bit slower, she may have a few more wrinkles on her face but she is just as much fun. Tomorrow is going to be a lovely day, full of laughter, happy faces, smiles, lots of good wishes, people dropping by to wish her Happy Birthday - i can't wait for the party to start !

Speaky soon :o)


Jan said...

Averry happy Birthday to dear Auntie Pat Jan xx

Odds Bodkins. said...

Happy birthday to your auntie. Hope the party goes with a swing.

B. x

madcobug said...

I am glad that Auntie Pat has been there for you. Happy Birthday to her for tomorrow. Have a good party. Hugs, Helen

Andy said...

Let the party begin and of course a Very Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl xx

Tawnya said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Pat!!! Many more!

mortonlake said...

happy birthday from me jaynee love.have a great day,hope you ok,tc love morty xxxx

Jane said...

Your in Birmingham ???
Im in Birmingham !!!

Oh Jaynee I wish I had known and been well enough.
Happy Birthday Aunty Pat,


Ally Lifewithally said...

Jaynee I am just catching up with you ~ and I am very late in wishing your Auntie Pat a Happy Birthday ~ I am sure you made it a good Happy day for her ~ Ally x