Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009

Hello :o)

2009 was a year of moving on - it is now three years since my Mum passed away. Its been difficult adjusting to life without her. My life will never be the same and i have learnt to accept that now and realise that life is still good but in a different kind of way. I moved into my lovely little flat by the sea at the end of March and have been so happy there (tho i am thinking of moving - more news on that soon). I have felt more energised this year, holding my head high with a spring in my step, or as much as i can spring with these dodgy knees of mine. I've keyhole surgery that only marginally improved my mobility which is very severe. I had a wonderful 2 week holiday with my step mother who came to stay in June. And then Stuart came back into my life in August and i feel so happy and it is with this new found happiness that i look forward to 2010.

To all my fellow bloggers, thank you for your friendship and comments. One of my new years resolutions is to have a 'correspondence' evening each week and to re establish my blogging too. I enjoy it so much, both writing and reading others. Happy New Year to you all, i hope this is the start of a wonderful decade.

Big Love
Jaynee X