Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I finally have my outfit for the wedding and i'm afraid its 'pink' a nice dusky pink, not to bright! I did have a hat, but it does not match my new outfit so have to look for a new hat tomorrow when i pop into Truro. I'm really excited, i can't wait, my Mum's three sisters are all coming to the wedding. Tristan was the first grandchild to be born, so he is special to everyone. Its just such a shame that Mum will not be there to see him get wed. I know she will be looking down on us all, but it will be a day of mixed emotions - i've already had several little cries, daftie that i am .....i hate being so emotional at times.

This has been my last day at work. Tomorrow i am having my nails done and then my hair, it will be a nice relaxing pampering day. I'm hoping to do a bit of clothes shopping too as after the wedding i am off to stay with a much loved and dear friend of mine, we used to work together many moons ago. She lives in Somerset and has a hot tub....how fab is that ?!?!? We plan to go shopping in Bath for the day and do all sorts of things. I can't wait, it will be soooooo exciting.....hehee.

My flatemate persuaded me to look at a computer dating site, and tho i wasn't to keen i'm glad i did because i have met a very nice local lad (have to be careful what i write cos he has asked to read my blog - should i let him?) Our first date was dinner at the Blue, it was a wild windy evening, the Blue was very busy as usual but we found a nice little tucked away table outside in a sheltered spot. The waves were magnificent, big and white, Kevin remarked how they looked like a winter sea. We had a fabulous evening, the spark was there from the start (which really surprised me), we chatted and giggled, held hands and kissed.....it was lovely. He asked if he could see me again the following night and i readily agreed, but so soon i said, then he explained that he was off to sea on the Friday, a fishing trip lasting around 12 days. I will probably not see him now until i return from Somerset - wow, can't wait.

I've started to do the Atkins diet and am pleased to say the pounds are falling off me...hehee....... i want to loose some weight so that i can have my knees replaced next year. The consultant said i need to loose some, i'm feeling totally focused and have started my swimming again too.....tho i suspect its the draw of the jucuzzi for me really.....its sooooo relaxing and i love it !

I'll be back soon with tales of the wedding and hopefully a pic or two.
Speaky soon :o)


Ally Lifewithally said...

Jaynee I am so glad you have got your wedding outfit ~ Hope you can get a hat to match ~ I am sure you will ~ and I am so pleased you have met a local lad yes let him read your blog ~ and I am looking forward to hearing all about him ~
I do know your Mum will be watching over you at the wedding that is one event I know she won't want to miss ~ Ally xx

Jan said...

Dear Jayne I dont know what pleases me more your new dress or your new Man ,the latter I think ,yes the latter hee hee how exciting ,I look forward to hearing all about the wedding ,seeing lots of pictures and of course hearing all about the new romance ,Oh yes I posted recently too ,...love Jan xx

Andy said...

Hope the wedding goes well and you enjoy your time in Somerset. Look forward to hearing all about it and about Kevin.

All my love

Andy xxx

Odds Bodkins. said...

Hope the romance blossoms, but
just be careful.
And don't let him read your blog, you won't be able to give us the real lowdown if he has access to it. ;O)

I'd lend you a hat but I don't have any in pink.

Enjoy your pampering day.

B. x

Odds Bodkins. said...

Oh, and good luck with the diet.
I recently started swimming again too.Then I started excercising a little.
I've just spent the last week off work with a bad back. Pah!

Be good.
B. x

Connie said...

Looking forward to hearing about the wedding. I presume you are still in Somerset.
Good luck with Kevin.....do not get hurt this time....take it slowly!