Thursday, 15 April 2010


I miss him, i feel empty and quiet, i don't want to laugh, i want to sit and cry, i'm hurting. 

  I can't ever remember feeling this way over a man.  

 I keep  thinking over what happened ..... it was something and nothing....... should i contact him, tell him i love him, that i want him........but if he really loves me won't he call me and tell me that ?!   Are we both being stubborn. 

  We've had little tiffs over his issues before and i have always been the one to make up afterwards, to tell him i love him, to tell him how wonderful he is and that i would never hurt him.   If i call him now, it will always be my role to be peace maker, and as much as i love him i don't know that i can do that.

I hate feeling like this.......... it hurts.


Andrew Petcher said...

Phone him! Men are simple creatures, take my word for it, I should know! If you need some dumb male advice just let me know!

Lucy said...

If you care that much maybe you should try to contact him.

Andy said...

In some ways it does not 'matter' whos fault it is but you certainly both need to talk things through. As always I am always here for you xxx

mortonlake said...

oh here if you need me.i hate my jaynee hurting. i just want to go n slap some sense into him.take care,lots of love morty xxxxx