Monday, 13 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !!!! It's just 9 days till Christmas and i can't wait - i feel like an excited child and talking of excited children while i was shopping in Truro this weekend i bumped into a freind who had her 6 year old son with her, i knelt down to speak to him 'what would you like Santa to bring you' i enquired..... he looked thoughtful, glanced at his Mum, then put his finger to his lips and said 'a sellotape dispenser' !!!! I stared at him, glanced up at his mother then back to the child and repeated his words 'a sellotape dispenser'.. 'yes' he said excitedly, his eyes spakling with delight and the biggest smile on his face. Such innocence...driving home later that afternoon if made me think of all my childhood memories of the Christmas's i had spent with my parents and grandparents, they were the happiest times of my life.

Merry Christmas everyone XXXXXXX


Andy said...

Christmas is certainly a fantastic time for children. Despite all the 'wonder' toys on the market most children are happy with the simpler things in life. Hope you managed to get all your shopping and found someone to carry it for you. Well I did offer!

Anyway have a very Happy Christmas, will be thinking of you xxx

madcobug said...

I haven't been around any young children in a long time. They do get excited. I remember my son litterly dragging his sister out of bed to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. He never looked at a one of his presents until she looked at every one of hers, then he tore into his. Children are so funny. I never had much of a Christmas when I was small. We didn't have any money to spend. My Children are grown up now and Christmas just isn't the same.
I hope you have a great one.
Hugs, Helen

Ally Lifewithally said...

Christmas is such an exciting time for us all ~ especially children exciting memories last for ever ~ I remember when Joy my sister and I both got a bike on Christmas day they were secondhand and old but we loved them ~ Ally x

Odds Bodkins. said...

Happy Christmas Jaynee. x

And thanks for the calender. I bet Cornwall doesn't look quite so warm and inviting at the monent. Probably just as pretty though.

B. x