Saturday, 10 January 2009

Happy New Year

Hello :o)

I haven't posted for ages - i think i l have lost some of my enthusiasm for blogging since 'the move' and to be honest i have gone back to my trusty old diary and pen ! there is something reassuring and romantic about seeing your thoughts down on paper - old fashioned gal that i am !

I hope you've all had a good Christmas and New Year - and now its back to normal, if life is ever normal that is.

Its a very very frosty morning here in West Cornwall, the car still looks quite frozen and i have used the last of my de-icer, so will have to put my gloves on and use the scraper when i go out shortly - i'm off to the flicks (you know how i enjoy my flicks ! giggles) Inkheart, its a fantasy film (PG) where a chap who loves reading finds the stories come to life and he becomes involved with them - nice family film. So i thought i would do that this lunchtime then afterwards have a little peruse of the local shops, i need to get a few things for some forthcoming birthdays !

Keep warm everyone
Speaky soon X