Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009

Hello :o)

2009 was a year of moving on - it is now three years since my Mum passed away. Its been difficult adjusting to life without her. My life will never be the same and i have learnt to accept that now and realise that life is still good but in a different kind of way. I moved into my lovely little flat by the sea at the end of March and have been so happy there (tho i am thinking of moving - more news on that soon). I have felt more energised this year, holding my head high with a spring in my step, or as much as i can spring with these dodgy knees of mine. I've keyhole surgery that only marginally improved my mobility which is very severe. I had a wonderful 2 week holiday with my step mother who came to stay in June. And then Stuart came back into my life in August and i feel so happy and it is with this new found happiness that i look forward to 2010.

To all my fellow bloggers, thank you for your friendship and comments. One of my new years resolutions is to have a 'correspondence' evening each week and to re establish my blogging too. I enjoy it so much, both writing and reading others. Happy New Year to you all, i hope this is the start of a wonderful decade.

Big Love
Jaynee X

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Socks so far ..

Hello :o)
This is a picture of my sock - fab eh ?! It will soon be transformed into a Sock right now i am heading off to the flicks to watch the latest Harry Potter movie with my friend Sarah. We are going to the childrens showing, £2.99 which includes popcorn and a'ha!
Speaky soon ;o)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sock Creatures

Hello :o)

How annoying, i wrote an entry last night while i was high on drugs (that'll be paracetamol) playing really, really loud music and dancing around the kitchen to 'Sensuality, Love, Devotion' and i lost the entire entry........ Hmmm, maybe jus as well..... he hee :o)

I have discovered 'Sock Creatures', and all i am going to say is 'Watch this Space' ;o)

Speaky soon xx

Friday, 9 October 2009

Love & Pain

Hello :o)

I would like to say i am jus fab but the truth is i am feeling very sad. A very dear friend, who some of you will know has jus been given bad news. His cancer is incurable and has been told he only has a few months to live.

Cancer is a very cruel disease. My ex husband fought it for a year, some years later i was to fight it myself, my mother fought it and sadly died after 5 years - i can't believe she will have been gone 3 years this December, her sister also fought it. Did you know that one in every four people will be diagnosed with Cancer at some point in their life. Its a very scary thought isn't it?

Life is so precious, consider what you have and hold it very close - love does last forever, but one day when you wake that love will bring with it pain.

Speaky soon X

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Beach talk...

Hello :o)
I had quite a hectic week last week, Monday evening was spent at home, Tuesday i worked late, Wednesday Lynne came round - we sipped read wine and chatted, oh and she read my Tarot cards......Hmmmm....Thursday i threw a little birthday party for a friend - drank far to much and got to bed by 3am ! Friday was out celebrating Sandra's birthday, yesterday was spent recovering from the week .......Hmmm shouldn't that be the weekend....*giggles*.
So this morning i was up with the lark and down on the beach at 7.30am. Life here at The Cove is jus wonderful, i think i am a Mermaid at heart, if i could jus find Mr Mermaid that really would make my life complete....*sigh*.. So, when i got to my car this morning this beautiful Moth was resting on the bonnet..

Is'nt he/she lovely, i'm sure i had a dress in that colour and design once - it looks so familiar ;o)
It was so good to be on the beach early, mind you there were one or two people about, the chaps with their metal detectors (they always seem to be there when the tide has jus gone out) and of course the surfers..

I was on the far side of the beach to take that and had to zoom right in on them, this is the view looking the other way..

As the beach here is a Cove its only when the tide is right out that you can walk out of the cove and see these huge cliff faces, and as you can see in this photo the beach stretches for about 3 miles to the next cove. I have promised myself that once i get my new knees this is a walk that i intend to do. So with the tide out this morning i took the opportunity to explore between some of the larger rocks, it was brilliant - lots of rock pools with little fishes swimming around in them the hour i spent there on the beach jus whizzed by..... here are a few photo's.

It's jus fascinating looking at the rocks, wish i knew a little more about geology, look at the picture on the left above......see that line running horizontally thru the big rock, that line is a completely different type of rock ......i find it amazing. And all the mussells living on the rock and the shells in the picture on the right have barnacles growing on them, it looks like sand does'nt it - well its not and at high tide all these rocks are completely submerged. It was amazing walking between all these rocks, it was like being in another world. It makes you feel great to be alive :o)

This next picture i thought was a great view - looking back into the Cove.

I started to walk back up the beach and as i went i picked up lots of little pebbles that i wanted for the patio, i picked up quite a few the bag got heavier and heavier, some were not so little.....

And this is what i did with some of them......

Speaky soon :o)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

I promise to do better .....but then i don't make promises ;o)


I was jus saying the other day to a fellow blogger that i don't seem to make so many entries as i used to. JLand was so much better, or was it.....change.....its supposed to be good for us. I'm going to try and make more entries - i miss our little community.

So, whats new? well its raining....ugh! June started off so well, Anne my step mum came and stayed with me for two weeks and ok so we had some rain but nothing like this, all i can do is look thru the window onto my little patio, the bedraggled plants struggling to look beautiful as the wind blows them around and the rain drenches them. Please Mr Sunshine come back.....and stay for a while :o) can we all practise happy sunny smiles - it just might bring him back!

I noticed last weekend my toes have wrinkles on them - and no i had not jus got out of the bath.....hehee.....I've noticed since i hit 50 everything is changing .....scary huh? but wrinkles on your toes, whats that all about ? so does this mean i now have to rub my anti wrinkle cream into my toes as well as my face ......hehee.......

I'm off out for sunday lunch with my brother and sister in law later, its a smashing little pub, it has lots of mining memorabilia on the walls - i don't know what it is about Cornish mining but i as so intrigued about it and now that i am living in a 'mining valley' i must do some research to find out more about it - perhaps that will be a project for the winter months.

Speaky soon :o)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Hello :o)

Where does the time go ? there does not seem enough time to do all the things i want to do

My eldest brother Michael rang me this evening to tell me he is being presented with a medal by the Duchess of Cornwall this coming Friday in Portsmouth. It will be for his services during the war in Afghanistan. Michael is in his early fifties, lives with his family in Germany and works for a civilian welfare company for the armed forces, this time last year he was packing his bags ready for a three month posting. I was somewhat shocked to learn of his posting, a man of his age, a civilian, being sent to a country at war. I tried to imagine how i would feel if someone told me i had to travel thousands of miles away from home to defend my country. Panic.......yes i think i would have feelings of panic, afterall like my brother i am not a soldier, i have not been trained in combat or ever said i wish to defend my country. So ok, his job does involve him in the welfare of servicemen, but that is in his own country where it is safe.

I am very proud of him and i am glad he is being recognised for his services while in Afghanistan as all serving soldiers are. Well done Mike, i'm sure this has been an experience you will never forget.

Speaky soon :o)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

Hello :o)
Top left: my Dad (Peter), Mum, Auntie Jackie
Bottom: me, Julian - on mum's lap.
I had the most wonderful parents, they loved their children and there was nothing they would not do for all of us (i have three brothers).
Today my brother Julian, who has four boys, was alone for fathers day. Two of his sons serve in the RAF and are both overseas and the other two are at University. They did send him fathers day cards and it was quite obvious from their greetings that they think they have the best Dad in the world - i know my father would be very proud of that.
I never knew my grandfather on my Dad's side of the family, but my Grandad on my Mum's side was fantastic - my grandparents did no live far from Margate Railway Station and i can remember times when my Grandad would take us there to look at the steam engines - i remember he was a good story teller and what fascinated me was all the noises he could make especially trains, i guess he got this from taking us to look at so many over the years ....... like my father he was a wonderful Grandfather - he always seemed old and gentle, funny too, i can see his happy smiley face even now.
Fathers day for me is now a day to remember all the happy times we all spent together and to realise what a lucky girl i was to have such a loving and devoted Father.
Speaky soon :o)

Monday, 15 June 2009

The holiday is over hoo !

Today i went back to work after being on holiday for two weeks - two fabulous weeks. Its been great exploring Cornwall, jus when you think there are no more gems to find .... you find more. I don't know why but i have never travelled the coast road from Newquay to Padstow, its a lovely road with so many wonderful views.
Thursday was our last day as the next day i was to drive Anne back to Herne Bay - i decided we should have breakfast out again, but this time in style - i wanted to surprise her by taking her to Jamie Oliver's restaurant 'Fifteen', but the surprise was on me as when we arrived we were told it was closed. The students that work and train there were having their graduation ceremony and Jamie was arriving any minute. We didn't hang around for his arrival as we were hungry and wanted breakfast! I always have a back up plan and so headed across the other side of Newquay to the Lewinnick Lodge at Pentire (you may remember it was here that i organised Marion's 60th Birthday doo) its a lovely place with fantastic views, perched on the cliff top overlooking Newquay.
We spotted this fishing boat while waiting for our was darting back and forth at quite a fast speed with a stream of seagulls chasing after it, presumably trying to catch their breakfast!

The picture below i took from the decking of the Lewinnick, its a house that has also been built into the side of the cliff. Look to the left of the house, can you see the swimming pool that has been carved out of the rock - wow, imagine swimming in that. There are some fabulous properties in Cornwall - i'd love to be staying here while there is a winter storm raging outside, bet its a bit scary too.

Seagulls are so naughty, i always feel compelled to take their photo's tho - this one was unlucky, no breakfast for him, well not at this restaurant.

Somes views of Newquay:

These are students from a diving school - they were jumping from the rocks into the sea, there was a chap in a canoe to help them!
Will show more in my next post.
Speaky soon ;O)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Breakfast at the Beach not Harrods !


This was my breakfast this morning ....

followed by a cup of coffee ....

As you can probably see i was at the Beach cafe and not in Harrods .....hehee!

I've had a great fortnight with my step mum, i am drivng her back to Kent on Friday and as its our last day tomorrow we are off to Jamie Oliver's 'Fifteen' for breakfast........i know what you are all thinking ..... and yes i have put on pounds this week !

Speaky soon X

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hello :o)

Life by the sea is fab - here are some pics of where i live now. This is the view when i step out of my front door.

Some views of the beach ...

This is a little hotel nesteled into the cliffs - with other properties around it.

The pic below is look up the valley and cove from the beach, i live somewhere to the right !

That jus gives you a glimpse of my new surroundings - bet you all wanna come visit me now eh?

Speaky soon XX

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Hello :o)

This morning i wanted to have a nice long lie in - i woke at 7am on the dot, the sun was streaming in thru the window, i pulled the duvet up over me and snuggled down, i made a little comforting moaning sound as if to send myself back to was quiet, i could just hear the sound of the sea in the distance and just as i was falling back into slumber i jumped out of bed and headed for the loo....... yep, i needed to do a wee !! LOL....... typical isn't it, so that was it then, i was up and awake.

Its been a lovely morning, i've done my housework and unpacked another box, just have three more to go ! I have some washing drying outside on the patio and i am off to the hairdressers in a while to get my hair cut. Then gonna pop to Ally's to collect my tomato plants and have a cuppa n chat, afterwards will pop in to my brother's and take him some free range fresh eggs that i buy from a small holding jus near me - Mmmm fresh farm eggs, can't beat em !

Hope your havin a good day too.
Speaky soon X

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Helloooooooo :o)

I'm here...... all moved in at Porthtowan and its fab, fab, fab - i can feel my mermaids tail growing, its sooooooo good to be living by the sea again. The last time i lived by the sea was during my childhood and i have so many happy memories of that and now i am ready to make more seaside memories :o)

Moving day went very well, friends arrived at 9am and i was all moved into my new place by lunchtime ! We had a Champagne lunch to celebrate my Birthday and the Move ... yay ! I have received lots of 'new home' cards and if you sent me one i hope i have remembered to thank you. We all went down to my new 'local' for a meal in the evening and then back to mine to finish off the champers .....hehee. And now i am so settled in i feel as if i have been here forever.

Speaky soon X

Friday, 27 March 2009

I do like to be beside the seaside

Hello :o)
I am almost packed am so shattered its unbeliveable. Tomorrow is the big move and its my birthday, i have lots of friends helping with the move and lots that jus want to pop in have a nosey and a drinkie or two .... he he heee.......i dread to think how the day is going to go, my next entry may have to be one of many photo's to show you the organised chaos !!

Speaky soon ;o)

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hello :o)

Its been so long since my last post - i have been busy down sizing and packing and doing car boot sales to get rid of my excess and believe me there has been lots of it! De cluttering does make you feel good, but something tells me i have not de cluttered enough! I am so sentimental i just cannot bring myself to throw away things that have so many memories.

When Tristan was little my Mum brought him a 'Bambi' (stuffed toy) i guess he was about 2 years old at the time, Tris that is not Bambi !! Well Tris is nearly 30 now and when my brother brought down all the boxes stored in the roof there she was....... 'Judy' (thats what Tris named her ... aahhh!) all carefully wrapped up, i thought like all girls she needed a pamper and so put her in the washing machine ....... no, nothing awful happened, honestly you lot are awful ....he heee! she is all nice and fluffy and smells wonderful :o) I have her sitting on one of my dining room chairs. Tris called in to see me today and as soon as he saw her he said 'don't throw Judy out or sell her at a car boot'. I didn't tell him i had no intention of getting rid of her, she holds far to many happy memories.

Just one more week to go and i will then be in my little flat by the sea - i'm so excited, the week will just fly by i am sure.

Speaky soon :o)

Friday, 20 February 2009


Hello :o)

I'm so excited........ feeling happy, happy, happy...........jumping up and down, singing out loud and laughing, and all at the same time !! I'm the seaside, yep i am, i am gonna live right beside the sea........well, just down the road from it. Isn't that fantastic news? I can't believe it ...... someone pinch me ....... OUCH! who pinched me you can see its sent me barmy ;o)

About a month ago i saw on the 'intranet' at work someone advertising a one bed flat, few mins from the beach in a lovely location on the North Coast. Mum and I had once looked at a property in this very village, it was too small for us. Then some time later we had our names down to buy a new home that was being built, after waiting two years the company withdrew as the local council seemed to put every objection possible in their path. So you see this little coastal village seems to have some 'pull' over me. A couple of weeks after seeing the advert, i wondered if it was still available and thought i would go and view it just because i could !

Stepping into the Kitchen come dining room i knew i had to live there. I could see myself standing in the kitchen cooking, chatting away to friends as i cooked their dinner! It was totally fabulous and my heart said 'its yours Jaynee, its yours' ! I don't have a sea view from any of my windows, but once i step outside the front door you can see down the road across the beach and the sea. It has a lovley community feel about it, and the local community all get together to organise all kinds of things........they even have a knitting circle however it is known as a 'surfie' resort, so plenty of eye candy for me when i am sitting on the beach (which will be every evening after work !!)

I have a moving date....... 28th March (my birthday - wow, what a birthday present!)

This little flat is smaller than the bungalow i am presently living in and i have to now downsize. The de cluttering starts oh what fun!

Speaky soon :o)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hello :o)
Like many of you i also had snow recently, well not jus me in particular but the whole of the South West ! This is Miss Latte shivering in the cold, she's never seen snow before !

And the little pots outside my front door look like they have had white roofs built during the night!

I like this one of the fence, kinda looks a bit 'arty' !!
This is the how the snow looked out of my lounge window ....

Then i went to work (well they had to send a Landrover out to get me, as it was far to dangerous for Miss Latte) ;o) and this is how it looked out of the office window.
Look, thats my parking space - yes it is, the little sign says so ......he hee!
The A30 looking towards Truro. A few minutes after taking this it started to snow again and it was blizzard conditions............ it was !!
Look how blue and cloudless the sky is and yet later that evening it snowed and snowed.

And this is my favourite snowy picture cos it has an Engine House in it, and i love Engine Houses!!
Speaky soon :o)

Sunday, 1 February 2009

16 or 51

Hello :o)

It's the first of February, so where did January go ?! What a lovely weekend its been, i had Dan for the day yesterday, i had instructions to take him shopping as he wanted to buy his Mummy a birthday present - so we hit Truro and the shops, we had a fabulous time, giggling and laughing, being naughty and laughing even more - isn't it funny how children can reduce you to such sillyness and make you feel so young. I jus love having him, he is a joy. We went to the flicks in the afternoon to see 'The Tale of Despereaux' a lovely film about a little mouse who was not afraid. We sat in the dark, goggle eyed and eating a huge bag of popcorn !

Today is bitter cold, the weatherman has forcast a cold week, my friend in Kent texted me today to say they have snow..... brrrrrr........don't think it will make it this far south.

I haven't heard from my brother Michael since he called me a couple of weeks ago. I have emailed him with no response, Tristan tells me tho that when there is a death they close down all the internet connections, to stop people contacting the press and vice versa, and there have been a couple of deaths of soldiers in Afghanistan recently so maybe thats why i've had no email reply. I am sure he is ok. I must put pen to paper to him tomorrow.

I watched Neil Young in concert on the telly this evening - it was fab, it brought back so many memories of 1973 or thereabouts........... i was in love with John (or so i thought !!) he drove a VW Beatle, he played Neil Young all the time, one of my first introductions to music. We would drive around in his car with Crosby, Still, Nash and Young playing, singing along, drinking cider, smoking the odd spliff, life was fabulous..... well it is when your young and carefree. Many evenings were spent on the beach or at the 'Queens' our local disco - its not there now, it was pulled down a few years or so, retirement flats stand in its place. Its funny how listening to those songs this evening brought back so many memories, nice happy times - how can you be 16 one minute and 51 the next ?

I still feel like that young girl of 16, i am still that young girl. Listening to the music this evening felt like all the years in between never happened........... i'm still easy going and carefree, no worries, still dream with my head in the clouds and still love to laugh. And at 16 i used to dream of being in love and meeting the man of my dreams................. i'm still wondering what it must be thats not true, i know what it must be like, i just wonder if it will ever happen to me - i certainly have'nt lost my curiosity for romance thats for sure.

I'm smiling - i feel happy, hope you do too.
Nite nite xx

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Happy New Year

Hello :o)

I haven't posted for ages - i think i l have lost some of my enthusiasm for blogging since 'the move' and to be honest i have gone back to my trusty old diary and pen ! there is something reassuring and romantic about seeing your thoughts down on paper - old fashioned gal that i am !

I hope you've all had a good Christmas and New Year - and now its back to normal, if life is ever normal that is.

Its a very very frosty morning here in West Cornwall, the car still looks quite frozen and i have used the last of my de-icer, so will have to put my gloves on and use the scraper when i go out shortly - i'm off to the flicks (you know how i enjoy my flicks ! giggles) Inkheart, its a fantasy film (PG) where a chap who loves reading finds the stories come to life and he becomes involved with them - nice family film. So i thought i would do that this lunchtime then afterwards have a little peruse of the local shops, i need to get a few things for some forthcoming birthdays !

Keep warm everyone
Speaky soon X