Friday, 25 June 2010

Its that Friday feeling ....

Hello :o)

today my friday feeling has been one of 'manicness' if there is such a word. Its been hot in the office and working in Customer Services for the Council means lots and lots of phone calls and today has been soooooo busy......... i think everyone in Cornwall must have been on the beach all week and then suddenly thought 'i must call the council today as i've been putting it off all week'....and wow did the phone calls come rolling in. I feel exhausted.......but still able to have a little giggle, so many people are cross and angry when they ring the council but then so many are nice and don't want to put you to any trouble. So yipeeeee the weekend is here.

My flatemate emailed me to say we are having a bar-b-q on the beach this evening.......this is my favourite pastime now ......hers too i think, hehee...... we are planning to have another one on Sunday after the football - yes, it's round to The Cove for footie and a beer followed by a barbie on the beach. Life is fab at The Cove - and as we say here 'we're in the groove'. tee hee.

Thank you for you messages and text's concerning my broken heart - i have felt quite fed up and down about the 'split' its thrown up a lot of emotions and feelings. I will no doubt get over it, life goes on but i have come to the conclusion that its hard work being in love. I'm now back on the shelf and am staying there for a good while yet........ possibly forever :o)
Last monday was the summer solstice and once i have downloaded all my photo's i shall post my little adventure on here with pics for you to have a giggle at.
Have a lovely weekend and speaky soon :o)
PS How did that pic get on there.....tee hee


Lucy said...

Of course there is someone out there for you. I know how much these breakups hurt. Been there and done that.

Andy said...

As Lucy said 'been there and done that' and I have many times. Yes there is someone special out there for you, as the saying goes there are no strangers just friends you have not met yet! Anyway enjoy your barbies and if you want anything just give me a shout.
Andy xxx

mortonlake said...

ive already said all i am saying about your split my love im not.MAN WAS A COMPLETE MORON,FGS MAN,ID GIVE MY LEFT ARM TO.......coughs,ahem.sorry about that.wont happen again,lol.have a great weekend jaynee,take care,love always morty xxxxxx

Odds Bodkins. said...

Hi jayne,

being a fialed romantic and a practicing cynic I couldn't possibly comment on your love life, except to say that I hope it stops hurting soon.

Glad you're making the most of the weather. Hope it lasts till September when we'll be visiting your little corner of the world.

I know what it's like to work with the public and you're right, there are plenty of moaners out there but just as many pleasant and happy customers too. They're the ones that keep you going.

Be good.

B. x