Saturday, 9 October 2010

Still Single !

Hello :o)

I'm still single (giggles)..... we met at Asda as it was a focal point for both of us, and we sat there in the cafe for 3 hours, it must have been the most boring date i've ever had. I'm not being unkind but all he could talk about was his ex and his children.... so its ok to talk about your children at a first date but your ex ?! and at one point i was almost noddin off to sleep. Oh well what is it they say, nothing ventured nothing gained ;o) I am giving up the dating game.....well for a little while (she giggles).

Just checked my Euro Millions lottery ticket as i just read on AOL that is been won by someone in Britain and they have not put their claim in yet - 132 million, i wish, i wish, i wish......... no its not me :o( So it doesn't look as if i will be buying my Italian Villa this week.

I am off to babysit my flatemate's grandchildren this evening, i'm told they will be tucked up in bed, i hope so as i am not very good at getting children to bed, rather than face tantrums and tears i let them stay up ....heheee...... hopefully all will be quiet and i will be able to watch X Factor, drink coffee and eat cake - fab !

Speaky soon :o)


mortonlake said...

well,my first date with my friend was at a coffee shop at local little theatre lol.and we talked for 3 hours.but rather different outcome than yours hun. sly wink at jaynee,love always,morty xxxx

Andy said...

I have been on dates like that! Sadly not been on a date for a long time though so I might be a little rusty! It was not me either with the Euromilions but I have high hopes for tonights Lotto, mind you think I was born to be disapointed.
Enjoy your babysitting will be thinking of you.

Love Andy xxx

madcobug said...

Sounds like a boring first meeting. Who wants to hear about an ex? Helen

Jan said...

So you not winning the euro millions means its pointless asking you for a sub then lol ? Dont give up on the dating game ,though ,love does catch you unawares sometimes ,I had to kiss alot of frogs before I met my prince ,hope the kids were good Jan xx

Aileen said...

As Jan says, Love does catch you unawares,if you are not looking.
Wish you could find Mr Right!

*I have posted recently, and having
Throat surgery on the 12th.


Odds Bodkins. said...

Hiya x,
Don't give up the dating. HE could be just around the corner. Just be careful. (I know, I've said that before.)

Zoiks! I shudder at the thought of babysitting but to suffer the X Factor as well is simply too much. You have my sympathy. ;O)

B. x

Ally Lifewithally said...

I just know you won't give up on the dating game ~ and I hope Mr Right is just around the corner ~ Ally x