Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cross my palm with silver .....ok a ten pound note then!

Hello :o)

Jus had to come on here to tell you all how silly i was today......i was robbed.....yep, i said a

I was parking my car at the side of the road when a lady (the gypsy) knocked on my window, i hadn't even got the hand brake on....thinking she was going to tell me something important like you have a flat tyre, i opened the car door, she caught hold of my hand and said 'i have something important to tell you, he will be alright', i was a bit amazed and Kevin came to mind as he has just suffered a suspected heart attack (more of that later) i did try and interject at this point by saying i had no money......'just a little' she said, 'i don't have any change' i told her 'i have plenty change' she said and carried on reading my palm. She told me there were two men in my life, one wanted to be my friend the other my lover (i think we know which one you are Kevin - oops, thinking out loud....hehee) she told me to take things 'slowly' and enjoy it, there will be much happiness. She then went on to say i would be going to a wedding soon - i am on Saturday ! She also spoke of my mother, not completely accurately, she also said i was very happy where i was living and to not let anyone old or sick move in - bit of a weird thing to say i thought. She also said and this is what brought me down to earth ........'you are going to win $80,000 (i'm using Sandra's mac and cannot find pound sign) in August......well i am telling you if i do not win i am gonna track her down and ********* lol.... she even said that when i win our paths will cross again and i will give her 200 pounds......what !!!

She then gave me two sea shells, one for good health and one for happiness. She then said for 100 pounds she would make a lifetime wish come true......i couldn't believe it, she was asking me for 100 pounds, i told her i did not have that much money, and she said 'you do, in the bank' i asked her ' which bank, because i don't know of it' said 'ok lady, 60 pounds'..... 'no, i don't have that much money' i said again. I opened my purse and took out a ten pound note, as i had nothing smaller, she took it straight out of my hand, i was waiting for change and she wished me good luck and was gone!

So the moral of this story is if you want sea shells, go to the beach ! I've got to get tougher and stop all this silly nonsense of thinking i will get bad luck if i say no to these gypsies.

Speaky soon :o)


Andy said...

It is amazing how when given a general prediction people are able to relate it to there own life. Despite what some claim I honestly do not believe anyone can predict the future as there are far to many variables to consider.As for men friends her comments are so general it could apply to anyone. However if you do win £80000 I will willingly bring you as many shells as you want!
All my love

Andy xxx

Jan said...

Its funny how we believe all the good predictions ,but dismiss as nonsese the stuff we dont like ,£ 10 ,gosh Jayne ...I hope you have lots of luck from your shells Jan xx

Odds Bodkins. said...

Sorry Jayne, I'm laughing like mad here. Good job you only pulled out a tenner eh?

Mind you, don't forget, I'm down your way in September so if you need somewhere to spend your 80 grand, I'm your man. I promise I won't ask to come and live with you. ;O)

B. x

madcobug said...

To bad that you lost your 10 lb. note. I hope the shells will at least bring you good luck. I think if I saw her again I would say "no thanks" Helen

Ally Lifewithally said...

I was robbed by a Gypsy in Fakenham a couple of weeks ago ~ and because I would not hand any money over to her she told me I would never win the lottery !!!!!!
we saw her again in Dereham last week but I made sure we avoided her :O) she asked for £30.00 ~ Good thing I don't believe in predictions from Gypsys otherwise I would not buy a lottery ticket any more :O) Allyx

Connie said...

I had to laugh at this. I got caught out by a gypsy once and I did the same gave her money cos I was afraid not to! LOL!