Saturday, 23 May 2009


Hello :o)

This morning i wanted to have a nice long lie in - i woke at 7am on the dot, the sun was streaming in thru the window, i pulled the duvet up over me and snuggled down, i made a little comforting moaning sound as if to send myself back to was quiet, i could just hear the sound of the sea in the distance and just as i was falling back into slumber i jumped out of bed and headed for the loo....... yep, i needed to do a wee !! LOL....... typical isn't it, so that was it then, i was up and awake.

Its been a lovely morning, i've done my housework and unpacked another box, just have three more to go ! I have some washing drying outside on the patio and i am off to the hairdressers in a while to get my hair cut. Then gonna pop to Ally's to collect my tomato plants and have a cuppa n chat, afterwards will pop in to my brother's and take him some free range fresh eggs that i buy from a small holding jus near me - Mmmm fresh farm eggs, can't beat em !

Hope your havin a good day too.
Speaky soon X


Andrew Petcher said...

Sounds wonderful. Life in the east is good today as well, big blue skies, dramatic cloud and plenty of sun!

mortonlake said...

can i come n live wiv ooo please???lol,sounds idyllic jayne,and im so glad for you.take care hun,lots of love mort xxxx

Andy said...

What an idylic life! Its very difficult to get back to sleep when you wake up early, after years of getting up at 5 I am still waking up that early!! Mind you its nice to lay there and listen to the dawn chorus.
Andy xx

GillyP said...

Hi Janey not been to look at your blog for a while as I have been busy at work, so refreshing to read it today. Congratulations on your move honey love Gill x