Friday, 20 February 2009


Hello :o)

I'm so excited........ feeling happy, happy, happy...........jumping up and down, singing out loud and laughing, and all at the same time !! I'm the seaside, yep i am, i am gonna live right beside the sea........well, just down the road from it. Isn't that fantastic news? I can't believe it ...... someone pinch me ....... OUCH! who pinched me you can see its sent me barmy ;o)

About a month ago i saw on the 'intranet' at work someone advertising a one bed flat, few mins from the beach in a lovely location on the North Coast. Mum and I had once looked at a property in this very village, it was too small for us. Then some time later we had our names down to buy a new home that was being built, after waiting two years the company withdrew as the local council seemed to put every objection possible in their path. So you see this little coastal village seems to have some 'pull' over me. A couple of weeks after seeing the advert, i wondered if it was still available and thought i would go and view it just because i could !

Stepping into the Kitchen come dining room i knew i had to live there. I could see myself standing in the kitchen cooking, chatting away to friends as i cooked their dinner! It was totally fabulous and my heart said 'its yours Jaynee, its yours' ! I don't have a sea view from any of my windows, but once i step outside the front door you can see down the road across the beach and the sea. It has a lovley community feel about it, and the local community all get together to organise all kinds of things........they even have a knitting circle however it is known as a 'surfie' resort, so plenty of eye candy for me when i am sitting on the beach (which will be every evening after work !!)

I have a moving date....... 28th March (my birthday - wow, what a birthday present!)

This little flat is smaller than the bungalow i am presently living in and i have to now downsize. The de cluttering starts oh what fun!

Speaky soon :o)


madcobug said...

Congratulations on getting that house. I can see you packing now. Hugs, helen

Andrew Petcher said...

I know you will be happy there. Well done!

mortonlake said...

you got it?you never said you crafty lickle told you when i saw the pics of it,its you hun.i am so glad jaynee.i know its going to be hard to let go of some of the things,but you know its now time.may you have many happy times there sweety.i bring me tent,lol.lots of love jaynee,you are a lovely lady who deserves every happiness,

Andy said...

Wow what a birtday pressie, hope you will be very vert happy there
Love and Hugs
Andy xxx

Jane said...

Oh to live by the sea - how wonderful ! Im so jealous !

topchelseagirl said...

Wow it sounds fantastic Jaynee! When can we all come and visit :-)
Hope theres a nice spot for Dave.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Jaynee I am so happy for you ~ love to see some pics when you move in ~ and what a lovely Birthday Present ~ your home by the Sea ~ sounds wonderful ~ Ally x