Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

Hello :o)
Top left: my Dad (Peter), Mum, Auntie Jackie
Bottom: me, Julian - on mum's lap.
I had the most wonderful parents, they loved their children and there was nothing they would not do for all of us (i have three brothers).
Today my brother Julian, who has four boys, was alone for fathers day. Two of his sons serve in the RAF and are both overseas and the other two are at University. They did send him fathers day cards and it was quite obvious from their greetings that they think they have the best Dad in the world - i know my father would be very proud of that.
I never knew my grandfather on my Dad's side of the family, but my Grandad on my Mum's side was fantastic - my grandparents did no live far from Margate Railway Station and i can remember times when my Grandad would take us there to look at the steam engines - i remember he was a good story teller and what fascinated me was all the noises he could make especially trains, i guess he got this from taking us to look at so many over the years ....... like my father he was a wonderful Grandfather - he always seemed old and gentle, funny too, i can see his happy smiley face even now.
Fathers day for me is now a day to remember all the happy times we all spent together and to realise what a lucky girl i was to have such a loving and devoted Father.
Speaky soon :o)


Andy said...

As you know my father died when I was 9. Even after all this time I still miss him and realise what a fantastic father he was. Like you I consider my self extremely lucky.

Andy xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Jayne what lovely memories you have of your Dad and Grandad ~ I know on Fathers day we all remember our Dad's when they are no longer here with us ~ but always remembered with Love ~ Ally x

Andrew Petcher said...

Nice blog - I like it!

topchelseagirl said...

What lovely happy memories Jaynee. I am lucky to still have my Dad.

mtrib2 said...

Your family photo is precious and brings back such great memories for you. Thank you for your visit to me and hoping me and Salty well from the incident. We have both healed up and I will be seeking a court judgement against the owner of the vicious dog that was loose. Your eldest brother's being honored was a great event to show appreciation for his service. I have had an ear infection that is being treated and I have a wick in my right ear to help get the anti-biotic drops to go in as the canal is closed off. My ear was badly swollen and painful till last Wed. when I got help from the doctor. I had to take oral anti-biotic and a steroid pack to bring down the swelling. I have had only time to get up in the morning and work with my helper and then quit early to rest for the next day. This year is my attempt to close in my home. I am not a carpenter and I can only afford to hire people that I have to tell what to do. It has been stessful. Now I am going to a family reunion on my Mom's side, though she will be at home in Texas and we are here in Illinois. She had hoped to be here in late Aug. but plans for here transportation by car with close friends changed and she does not want to make the airline trip alone at 86 years old. We will miss her. I will be visiting her two sister's and familys and my aunt's by her desceased brothers. All the best to you.... Salty and Mark