Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hello :o)
Like many of you i also had snow recently, well not jus me in particular but the whole of the South West ! This is Miss Latte shivering in the cold, she's never seen snow before !

And the little pots outside my front door look like they have had white roofs built during the night!

I like this one of the fence, kinda looks a bit 'arty' !!
This is the how the snow looked out of my lounge window ....

Then i went to work (well they had to send a Landrover out to get me, as it was far to dangerous for Miss Latte) ;o) and this is how it looked out of the office window.
Look, thats my parking space - yes it is, the little sign says so ......he hee!
The A30 looking towards Truro. A few minutes after taking this it started to snow again and it was blizzard conditions............ it was !!
Look how blue and cloudless the sky is and yet later that evening it snowed and snowed.

And this is my favourite snowy picture cos it has an Engine House in it, and i love Engine Houses!!
Speaky soon :o)


topchelseagirl said...

Glad to hear both you and Miss Latte survived the snow. Your own sign in the car park - how posh!!

Andrew Petcher said...

About time you had some snow in the south west!

Andy said...

Blimey thats not much snow! If you had asked I could of sent you another couple of inches.

Andy xx

shauntannerTenthirteengoesforth said...

Hi jayne ... got more snow than we did on coastal Dorset..... It snowed a lot inland but hardly any on Portland


Aileen said...

Hiya! Jaynee
Yes, we had snow,love to see it, but glad it's gone. Allan went walking in Derbyshire, must try to post some pics...Look at you, personal parking spot!

mortonlake said...

ok so this entry got the had lot more than me.glad it went fast here,getting too old for mort xxx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Lovely Pictures Jaynee ~ Glad they sent a Landrover to pick you up ~ your little parking space looks lonely without Miss Latte standing there :o) ~ Ally x