Sunday, 1 February 2009

16 or 51

Hello :o)

It's the first of February, so where did January go ?! What a lovely weekend its been, i had Dan for the day yesterday, i had instructions to take him shopping as he wanted to buy his Mummy a birthday present - so we hit Truro and the shops, we had a fabulous time, giggling and laughing, being naughty and laughing even more - isn't it funny how children can reduce you to such sillyness and make you feel so young. I jus love having him, he is a joy. We went to the flicks in the afternoon to see 'The Tale of Despereaux' a lovely film about a little mouse who was not afraid. We sat in the dark, goggle eyed and eating a huge bag of popcorn !

Today is bitter cold, the weatherman has forcast a cold week, my friend in Kent texted me today to say they have snow..... brrrrrr........don't think it will make it this far south.

I haven't heard from my brother Michael since he called me a couple of weeks ago. I have emailed him with no response, Tristan tells me tho that when there is a death they close down all the internet connections, to stop people contacting the press and vice versa, and there have been a couple of deaths of soldiers in Afghanistan recently so maybe thats why i've had no email reply. I am sure he is ok. I must put pen to paper to him tomorrow.

I watched Neil Young in concert on the telly this evening - it was fab, it brought back so many memories of 1973 or thereabouts........... i was in love with John (or so i thought !!) he drove a VW Beatle, he played Neil Young all the time, one of my first introductions to music. We would drive around in his car with Crosby, Still, Nash and Young playing, singing along, drinking cider, smoking the odd spliff, life was fabulous..... well it is when your young and carefree. Many evenings were spent on the beach or at the 'Queens' our local disco - its not there now, it was pulled down a few years or so, retirement flats stand in its place. Its funny how listening to those songs this evening brought back so many memories, nice happy times - how can you be 16 one minute and 51 the next ?

I still feel like that young girl of 16, i am still that young girl. Listening to the music this evening felt like all the years in between never happened........... i'm still easy going and carefree, no worries, still dream with my head in the clouds and still love to laugh. And at 16 i used to dream of being in love and meeting the man of my dreams................. i'm still wondering what it must be thats not true, i know what it must be like, i just wonder if it will ever happen to me - i certainly have'nt lost my curiosity for romance thats for sure.

I'm smiling - i feel happy, hope you do too.
Nite nite xx


Ally Lifewithally said...

sounds like you had a lovely day out with Dan ~ it is great being silly now and again and being 16 is always a good time to remember ~ I hope you hear from Michael soon it must be difficult sometimes to send texts ~
it is bitterly cold here and we do have snow ~ thank goodness I don't have to go out in it ~ I do hope you find your Mr Right ~ I am told it is never too late ~ :o) Ally x

Andrew Petcher said...

Good to see you backI've missed your journals. Don't stay away so long next time. Andrew

Andy said...

Yes we did have some snow here in Kent on Monday and Tuesday-if you had asked I would of sent you some!

Good to see another entry from you.

Andy xx

mortonlake said...

sweety,why havent i seen this,or your next? know i always comment.lovely pics,bloody cold though you in my head im still 18,before all the pain started.wish we could go back mort xxx