Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009

Hello :o)

2009 was a year of moving on - it is now three years since my Mum passed away. Its been difficult adjusting to life without her. My life will never be the same and i have learnt to accept that now and realise that life is still good but in a different kind of way. I moved into my lovely little flat by the sea at the end of March and have been so happy there (tho i am thinking of moving - more news on that soon). I have felt more energised this year, holding my head high with a spring in my step, or as much as i can spring with these dodgy knees of mine. I've keyhole surgery that only marginally improved my mobility which is very severe. I had a wonderful 2 week holiday with my step mother who came to stay in June. And then Stuart came back into my life in August and i feel so happy and it is with this new found happiness that i look forward to 2010.

To all my fellow bloggers, thank you for your friendship and comments. One of my new years resolutions is to have a 'correspondence' evening each week and to re establish my blogging too. I enjoy it so much, both writing and reading others. Happy New Year to you all, i hope this is the start of a wonderful decade.

Big Love
Jaynee X


Andy said...

Wishing you both a very very Happy New Year
Andy xxx

madcobug said...

I wish for you both a Happy and Blessed New Year. I am glad that you found the heart and courage to move on. Love, Helen

Lucy said...

A very Happy New Year and much happiness, and no, we never stop missing our loved ones.

mortonlake said...

jaynee,i wish you so much happiness in your life for deserve it.always friends,even though you bwoken my ickle heart lol.happy new year.lots of love,morty xxxxx

Anonymous said...

'Happy New Year Jaynee'

Lv.rache x

Connie said...

Good to0 hear from you again. Are you in touch with anyone else from jland? I do not put many posts on these days I seem to be too busy! That must be a good thing but I miss all my old blogging friends. Who is this Stuart tell me more! When did this happen? I am so happy for you and so envious! I wish I had someone in my life...but I suppose it still may happen!

Andrew Petcher said...

Glad 2009 was a good year for you, I hope 2010 will be even better.
Welcome back!