Friday, 9 October 2009

Love & Pain

Hello :o)

I would like to say i am jus fab but the truth is i am feeling very sad. A very dear friend, who some of you will know has jus been given bad news. His cancer is incurable and has been told he only has a few months to live.

Cancer is a very cruel disease. My ex husband fought it for a year, some years later i was to fight it myself, my mother fought it and sadly died after 5 years - i can't believe she will have been gone 3 years this December, her sister also fought it. Did you know that one in every four people will be diagnosed with Cancer at some point in their life. Its a very scary thought isn't it?

Life is so precious, consider what you have and hold it very close - love does last forever, but one day when you wake that love will bring with it pain.

Speaky soon X


Tawnya said...

Oh Jayne, I am so sorry about your friend! I will be praying for him. I miss you much!!

madcobug said...

I am so sorry about your friend Jayne.I will be sending up prayers for him. Cancer is a bad disease. It got my mother also. No, it doesn't seem like five years since your Mum has been gone. Hugs, Helen

Andrew Petcher said...

That's bad news - Sorry! I am clumsy about these sort of things - Sorry about that too.

mortonlake said...

why didnt you tell me?im sorry know im here for you.just lately it seems ive been so wrapped in my own worry and misery ive forgotten the people who mean so much to me.youre up top of list.if you need a talk,please IM me,txt, you my friend,mort xx

Jane said...

Such sad news Jayne - Im so sorry. Cancer does affect so many of us nowadays, it seems everyone is touched by this horrid disease one way or another.
You and your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers - may his time be happy and peaceful and full of love,


Lucy said...

I am so sorry about your friend. I have a son in law that is just recovering from surgery to remove tumor in his colon and it is cancer and has spread to a lymph node. Will start chemo as soon as the Dr. says he is totally healed. I lost a brother at 20 to Brain tumor, my mom and 2 sisters also to cancer. It is a horrible disease but Jaynee, I am glad you have beat it and I just pray it stays that way.

shauntannerTenthirteengoesforth said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting Let me know where in Wales you are heading ..

The saddest thing about your last post is the fact that it is all so sadly accurate !!


Andy said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts xxx

Connie said...

Sorry about your friend Janey. I do remember the time your mum died it does not seem that long ago. keep your chin up. love conniexz