Monday, 15 June 2009

The holiday is over hoo !

Today i went back to work after being on holiday for two weeks - two fabulous weeks. Its been great exploring Cornwall, jus when you think there are no more gems to find .... you find more. I don't know why but i have never travelled the coast road from Newquay to Padstow, its a lovely road with so many wonderful views.
Thursday was our last day as the next day i was to drive Anne back to Herne Bay - i decided we should have breakfast out again, but this time in style - i wanted to surprise her by taking her to Jamie Oliver's restaurant 'Fifteen', but the surprise was on me as when we arrived we were told it was closed. The students that work and train there were having their graduation ceremony and Jamie was arriving any minute. We didn't hang around for his arrival as we were hungry and wanted breakfast! I always have a back up plan and so headed across the other side of Newquay to the Lewinnick Lodge at Pentire (you may remember it was here that i organised Marion's 60th Birthday doo) its a lovely place with fantastic views, perched on the cliff top overlooking Newquay.
We spotted this fishing boat while waiting for our was darting back and forth at quite a fast speed with a stream of seagulls chasing after it, presumably trying to catch their breakfast!

The picture below i took from the decking of the Lewinnick, its a house that has also been built into the side of the cliff. Look to the left of the house, can you see the swimming pool that has been carved out of the rock - wow, imagine swimming in that. There are some fabulous properties in Cornwall - i'd love to be staying here while there is a winter storm raging outside, bet its a bit scary too.

Seagulls are so naughty, i always feel compelled to take their photo's tho - this one was unlucky, no breakfast for him, well not at this restaurant.

Somes views of Newquay:

These are students from a diving school - they were jumping from the rocks into the sea, there was a chap in a canoe to help them!
Will show more in my next post.
Speaky soon ;O)


Andy said...

I love the North Cornish coast but have to say that I prefer Bude to Newquay. Its quieter and not so brash and friends used to live just in land at Bridgerule and they always pronounced it Boood

Tawnya said...

So pretty!!! I am glad you had a great holiday. Mine is in Sept. I can't wait! You pics are very good!! Hope you have been well..

Aileen said...

We finished up at Padstow one evening on holiday last year. I took loads of 'great' pictures, including Rick Stein's...only to find, when Allan took out my used Film,I hadn't realised he hadn't put in a new one....doh!

Andrew Petcher said...

As George Harrison said ... "All things must pass". The seagulls following the trawler reminded me of Eric Cantona. Here in Lincolnshire I get to watch them following the plough and looking for worms and grubs.

mortonlake said...

great pics love.glad you had such a great morty xxxxxxx

mtrib2 said...

Your vacation was in a beautiful setting and your photos show the dramatic scenes. I am trying to get a start this morning and have not slept much but hopefully I can make it through the 90 plus degree heat for awhile today outside working on my building with help from my neighbor that I hire. mark/salty