Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Breakfast at the Beach not Harrods !


This was my breakfast this morning ....

followed by a cup of coffee ....

As you can probably see i was at the Beach cafe and not in Harrods .....hehee!

I've had a great fortnight with my step mum, i am drivng her back to Kent on Friday and as its our last day tomorrow we are off to Jamie Oliver's 'Fifteen' for breakfast........i know what you are all thinking ..... and yes i have put on pounds this week !

Speaky soon X


Jane said...

Now that is my kind of breakfast - on the beach with a big mug of coffee !

Fantastic - glad you enjoyed yourself !


Andy said...

Now thats what I call breakfast!!!

Andy xxx

Andrew Petcher said...

Must be the sea air that gives you an appetite!

Aileen said...

Wow, that is some Sandwich, but I'd have to settle for Coffee.
Sounds like you are really settled in....Hope you got my Card, and note?


Ally Lifewithally said...

Next time you go out for breakfast "Can I come too" ~ that sandwich looked delicious ~ Ally x

mortonlake said...

bless hun.glad you are having such a great time,lots of love