Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Yay, hello :o)

Hello :o)
Well the quiz was a scream - out of the 55 teams that took part i think we finished somwhere in the middle, so it wasn't to disgraceful. Isn't it strange how things workout, i honestly thought i would have been good with the music section - i was complete rubbish !! When it came to politics i was fantastic ????? how did that happen ???? (giggles) it was a fun night and lots of money raised for local charities, which was good. Oh, (giggling now at the thought) i won a prize in the raffle, i'll take a photo and show you what it was next time i post ... hmmmm ! ;o)
Tonight i have been out with my friend Amanda, we enjoyed a very nice Chinese meal - £13.50 for as much as you can eat, to start with we had spring rolls, honeyed barbeque spare ribs, seaweed, chicken bang bang then for main course we had chicken and cashews, chicken curry, chicken schwzenuan, and chicken in black bean sauce with vegetables, egg fried rice and soft noodles then to finish we had banana fritters and ice cream - i'm stuffed !!! don't think i can eat for a week now !
Speaky soon
Big Luv, Jaynee X


Lucy said...

have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will go to my daughters and our Beagle is already plotting revenge for being left. Lucy

Andy said...

Glad the quizz went well-so you are an expert on That meal sounds rather gorgeous and good value to.
Chat soon Andy xxx

Aileen said...

Hi! Jaynee, Wow that was some Chinese meal, do like Chinese, in fact not much food I don't like :>)
Enjoy your weekend, very cold here in South Yorkshire Brrrrr

Aileen said...

Hi! Jaynee
Thanks for lovely Xmas card...hope you are OK. I'm struggling with my health just now, but keep on keeping on :>)
Lots a love