Sunday, 9 November 2008

Whiz of a week

Hello :o)
Its been another busy week, and i find yet again its late sunday evening when i have time for my blog - its not good enough, must try harder ;o)
So Tuesday i went to the 'flicks' with the girlies, 'Ghost Town' with that Ricky Gervaise (or however he spells his name) it was good. I have to say he is not really my cup of tea, but he did have me laughing and spilling my popcorn everywhere :o)
Wednesday i had some of the girls from work around - we played Trivial Pursuit and ate Pizza ! It was a practice for this forth coming Quiz competition .......... The County Council are holding a quiz evening with all money raised going to Charity....... its gonna be such a laugh, and i think its hilarious that they asked me to be in the 'office' team. Our supervisor was asking us all what our specialist subjects were ....... Mary ?, politics...Ronnie ?, geography...Susan,? Literature..Fiona ?, Sport .....Jaynee - Shopping !!!!! They all laughed and because i insisted it is my specialist subject they all think i am keeping coy about how fab i am ......(giggles), and i might add this wasn't helped when we played TP as i seemed to get really easy questions !!!!
Thursday....... hmmm, what did i do? i can't remember ......(giggles)......... and Friday i popped to see a friend who moved into her new house a year ago and finally i got round to visiting !

The weekend has been fairly quiet - i love quiet weekends ! Yesterday saw an early start with a visit to the hairdressers to get my hair cut, i didn't notice at the time but she did my parting slightly off centre and consequently one side of my hair is slightly longer than the other side.....(giggles).....maybe i will say to anyone who points it out that it is the latest fashion..... i could set a trend .....(not)......heheee!

I took a lot of scarf's into work last week that i knitted last year, and they sold like hot cakes ! I shall attempt to insert a picture of 'moi 'wearing the 'pink fluffy number' ! It was so nice to recieve so many nice comments on my knitting, and i get so excited when people like the colours and textures that i like ....... Yay !! Okay, can't see the pic, so where has that gone .......(giggles)......maybe it will turn up when i publish this to my blog ....Hmmm some hope me thinks :o) So the scarf's went well and tomorrow i am taking in some jewellery, i have various kinds - tomorrow will be 'Bling' :o) I do like a bit of bling - bet you didn't know that eh ?

Speaky soon :o)


mortonlake said...

bless. just when i sit here feeling a bit down,you pop can i order a new scarf? want to know something reaaaalllly sad?? guess what i found in the back of my wardrobe last week?? my old school scarf lol whats worse it is the "junior" version lol. in the fourth year we got a different type. it still had me name tag in it lol. bit small now. take care my friend,lots of love mort xxxx

Tawnya said...

I would love to see some of your scarves!!! That would be great!! I may have to buy one!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Jaynee I wish I could come to your Quiz competition ~ I love watching quiz programmes on TV ~ and I could cheer you on :o) Your scarfs sound lovely and look forward to seeing a picture of them and your jewellery ~ Ally x

Odds Bodkins. said...

Just noticed I've missed your last two entries. Dunno how that happened. I'm all caught up now though.
Glad you got Miss Latte back, finally.

I used to do quizzes all the time - even ran a few in a local pub.
Good luck with yours, show 'em all you're not a dumb blonde. ;O)

B. x

Lucy said...

Hi Janie, it sound as if you have been a busy girl. Must go back and look at the scarf.Got in such a hurry I did not get a good look. It is rainy and dreary. How Has Miss. Latte been behaving. Lucy

Andy said...

My what a busy girl you have been! Hope Miss Latte is not leaking in this wonderfull autumn weather-I have just planted rice in the back garden!

Love and Hugs
Andy xxx

Jan said...

Yes finaly got to see the scarf , did you ever buy the wool for your cardigan ? Jan xx